The Master's Mission was founded in 1979 by Bob and Judy Van Kampen, and Paul and Betty Lou Teasdale. But the story really began when Bob and Dad worked together at Honey Rock Camp in the Summer of 1958. By the end of the Summer they had developed a friendship which was to endure for a lifetime... A friendship founded not on similar interests or natural giftedness, but on a shared commitment to obey and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul and Betty Lou set sail for Africa as missionaries and Bob and Judy remained in the USA where Bob worked in business. For the next twenty years they ran their respective races continents apart, but regularly spent time together in the USA and in Africa. It was Bob, the analytical businessman, who noticed a paradigm shift in American Evangelical Missions, both in the sending churches and on the ground where missionaries served: He saw the church delegate more and more of their responsibility to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth to Mission Agencies; He saw a "doctrinal minimalism" slowly replacing a robust understanding of, and commitment to, teaching "the whole counsel of God"; And finally, he noticed fewer and fewer American missionaries were committed to a lifetime of cross-cultural ministry.

When Paul and Betty Lou returned to the USA to take care of their parents (who had themselves retired after serving 50+ years as missionaries in The Congo and in Kenya), Bob and Paul began to explore the possibility of establishing a new mission agency dedicated to helping the American church train, send out, and support long-term missionaries who had a robust fidelity to the Lord and His Word.

In 1979, they purchased the North Carolina Campus and began the difficult task of establishing a new missionary training and sending agency. The combination of Bob's administrative gifts and experience in the American church, and Paul's technical gifts and experience in long-term pioneer mission ministry, was used of God to develop the physical Campus, the Training Program, and the Mission's Administrative structure. Harv Chrouser, Jim Rexilius, and other gifted men brought additional leadership depth to the Board of Directors. In the Fall of 1987, the Master's Mission accepted its first missionary candidates for the pilot 11 month training program. Notable additions to the campus staff that year included Dan and Nonie Larsen, from Letourneau University and Adjunct Instructors Norm and Thelma Everswick, long-term missionaries newly retired after a half-century of ministry in Zimbabwe.

Concurrently, the Lord blessed TMM with a number of other experienced missionaries such as Kath Dick in West Africa, and Herb and Ruth Lyon and Van and Kathy Davis in East Africa. These Senior missionaries were not only exemplary followers of Christ in their personal lives, they were also wonderful models of effective long-term cross-cultural ministry.

TMM currently supports ministry in Saharan and sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Mexico, South America and Alaska. It is our prayer that God would continue to raise up men and women willing to leave the comforts of home and the security of the familiar, willing to prepare themselves for long-term cross-cultural ministry, and willing to make disciples of Jesus Christ... to the "Ends of the Earth".